Why Western Union Is One Of The Best Poker Deposit Methods

9 December, 2010

Among the best poker deposit methods available at many sites is Western Union. Some may balk at first at the higher fees that come with Western Union money transfer service. However, the benefits you get from Western Union poker sites may be worth that little extra cost for many people.

First, with Western Union poker sites, you get name brand recognition. There may be a ton of different online payment processors and e-wallets out there, but who’s heard of any of them? How long have they been around? Now, on the contrary, who hasn’t heard of Western Union.

Western Union poker sites integration is one of the best poker deposit methods also because it give you convenience. Who wants to wait around for banks to handle money transfers when you can go down to your nearest local Western Union (and everyone, in the US at least, has one near them) and take care of it instantly. Even the money is transferred right away.

So there’s the tradeoff. For a slighty higher fee, with Western Union poker sites you get convenience and brand name confidence that you don’t get from most of the other so-called best poker deposit methods.

The Best Online Casinos & The Best USA Casinos Not Necessarily The Same

2 December, 2010

If you live in the US, finding the best online casinos is not enough to get you started playing for big money. You need also to find those that are specifically USA casinos, meaning that they accept customers from the US.

Ever since the US congress passed the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) in 2006, there have been fewer and fewer online casinos serving US customers. That’s because the UIGEA penalizes pyament processors (like credit cards companies and banks) from facilitating transfers of funds between the US and offshore online gaming companies.

That means US players cannot gamble with real money at most online casinos because so few payment processors will facilitate deposits and withdrawals for them (or will do so at a fair and equitable rate). Some will, however, and the best online casinos for USA players will be the ones who use these payment processors. The best USA casinos are also licensed for the jurisdictions they serve.

Beyond that, they must be held to the same high standards as any of the best online casinos in coming recommended by a wide variety of loyal players, not just for their games but for their customer service, and boast online casino software that is attractive, problem-free, and easy to play.

UB Bad Beat Jackpot

24 October, 2010

At UB they say there isn’t any such thing as a real bad beat, because if you ever come across one, it can turn into a bigger win than had you actually won the hand, with the UB Bad Beat Jackpot.

The UB Bad Beat Jackpot (at the time of this writing standing at over $100,000 and growing) is a reward given out to any player who holds Four of a Kind 8s or better and still loses the hand at the Showdown.

The UB Bad Beat Jackpot is built from the money paid into the house rake. If a hand is raked at least 25 cents, then 50 cents is taken from the pot to apply toward the jackpot. This means the jackpot is always growing, until it is claimed, making it what’s known as a progressive jackpot. Whenever a player hits the UB Bad Beat Jackpot, it resets back down to its minimum amount and starts growing again.

When the UB Bad Beat Jackpot is hit, 10% of it goes back to the house, 25% of it is rolled over onto the next Bad Beat Jackpot, and of that remaining amount, half goes to the player who actually suffered the bad beat, 25% goes to the player who won the hand, and every other player at that table, whether they played in that particular hand or not, gets a $1,000 flat bonus. Any money in the jackpot remaining after that is then divided up amongst all the players at tables of the same game type and table stakes at that time.

To qualify for the UB Bad Beat Jackpot, you have to be playing at one of the site’s tables labeled a Jackpot table or Turbo Jackpot table. Both hole cards must be used in the qualifying hand. Also, make sure to use a UB code to maximize your deposit and keep an eye out for exclusive WSOP qualifiers while playing at these Bad Beat Jackpot tables.

Full Tilt Poker Offers Players The Black Card Experience

12 October, 2010

Players looking for the best poker bonuses would do well to try to get themselves a Black Card at Full Tilt Poker. The new Black Card Experience offers players a unique assortment of rewards including exclusive tournaments, high-end gifts, and special VIP services.

Among the best poker bonuses offered through Full Tilt Poker’s new The Black Card Experience are the following:

  • A private Black Card member store
  • Limited edition Black Card branded Full Tilt Poker merchandise
  • VIP treatment at live events, side-by-side with the pros of Team FullTilt
  • Cash redemption privileges on Full Tilt Points (FTPs)
  • Twice the Full Tilt Points earned for your play at the site

To get and keep The Black Card, you have to retain a rolling average of 500 Full Tilt Points earned per day at the site. Drop below that and you risk losing your Black Card status, with Full Tilt Poker giving you fifty days to catch back up.

FTOPS XVII & MiniFTOPS XVII Satellites At Full Tilt Poker Now

26 July, 2010

The Full Tilt Poker FTOPS XVII and MiniFTOPS XVII are coming right up, with the former on August 4 – 15 and the latter on September 8 – 19.

The FTOPS XVII is the seventeenth running of FullTilt’s Full Tilt Online Poker Series, a big money online poker tournament series that includes all sorts of events (shootouts, knockouts, speed, turbo, short-handed, heads-up) in all different types of poker (Hold’em, Omaha, Stud, Draw, HORSE, Razz, etc.).

As always happens, FullTilt is running ongoing satellites into each of the 34 events comprising FTOPS XVII, with bonus prizes offered to players who win more satellites into the same FTOPS XVII than any of their fellow players. They call this the FTOPS Satellite Challenge.

There will also be a Leader Board challenge running throughout FTOPS XVII.

The MiniFTOPS XVII schedule mirrors that of the regular FTOPS XVII schedule, with the same events only at much lower buy-ins and for slightly lower prizes. Satellites will be running for MiniFTOPS XVII events at Full Tilt Poker soon.

Read more about Full Tilt Poker and all of the great events that are offered their in one of the webs best poker site reviews.

Last Chance To Qualify To Play Poker On TV On Full Tilt Poker Lounge

24 June, 2010

Tuesday, June 22 Full Tilt Poker and Channel 4 introduce The Poker Lounge and July 4 is the last chance to qualify to be a contestant on this program, Full Tilt Poker’s televised high-stakes celebrity cash game.

Set in a high-rolling UK poker room, FullTilt’s The Poker Lounge is a 6-handed No Limit Hold’em shootout to the end–a winner-take-all battle with a $20,000 buy-in. And in each episode, to air each week starting Tuesday June 22, one wild card online poker qualifier will put their mettle to the test against the best.

The final Full Tilt Poker Lounge qualifier is on July 4 at 2:30 pm for a direct buy-in of $640, but satellites into this qualifier are going on now over at FullTilt for as little as $10.

The winner of the final Poker Lounge qualifier will receive a $22,000 prize pacakge that includes the chance to play poker live against many of poker’s finest players, including many members of Team Full Tilt like Gus Hansen and Phil Ivey, for a $120,000 grand prize.

If this doesn’t sound like anything you’d be interested in then you may want to use this PokerStars Marketing Code free money and try out PokerStars instead.

Will You Be Crowned Next Bodog Poker King Of The Felt?

18 June, 2010

Who will be crowned the next Bodog Poker King of the Felt? Will it be you? To find out, you need to test your mettle against the other contenders for the crown in heads-up tournaments worth $1,000 in weekly prizes.

To qualify to become Bodog Poker’s next King of the Felt, you need only place (or cash) in three Sit and Go tournaments within a single week’s time. Do this and BodogPoker will give you one ticket into a weekly drawing. Continue placing in more BodogPoker Sit and Gos and continue winning more raffle tickets.

Place in 6-8 Sit and Gos and receive 2 tickets plus entry into a $1K freeroll; place in 9 or more Sit and Gos and receive 3 tickets plus the above mentioned freeroll entry plus entry into a $500 freeroll. The following Sit and Gos do not qualify for earning King of the Felt tickets: Double Up, Heads Up, and Beginner tournaments.

The King of the Felt week lasts Sunday to Monday. On Monday Bodog Poker holds the drawing. Have your name drawn and compete against the reigning King of the Felt in a heads-up game for $1K. The longer you hold onto your King of the Felt title, the bigger your prizes.

Full Tilt Poker Offers Numerous Ways To Win Free WSOP Seat

30 April, 2010

Full Tilt Poker is running a bevy of promotions right now that are all awarding as their top prizes free seats in the 2010 WSOP main event. Here’s a quick rundown of the most notable of them

The $1 Main Event Seat with $1 satellites throughout the day every day, leading up to a weekly final in which 5 $12,000 WSOP main event prize packages will be awarded.

150-Seat Main Event Giveaway is a $600 + $40 buy-in multi-table tournament on June 20 in which 150 main event seats, worth a total of $1.8 million, are guaranteed to be given away. Players can satellite into this event for as low as 50 FTPs.

Daily Shootouts running now through June 27 with twice daily 81-player shootouts, a WSOP Main Event prize package awarded at each one. Satellites into these events start with buy-ins as low as 50 FTPs or $1.

Direct Qualifiers, five of them per week, with one to five WSOP Main Event prize packages awarded at each.

Everest Poker Offers Free 2010 WSOP Main Event & Seats

15 April, 2010

As are most other online poker rooms, Everest Poker is holding satellite tournaments with top prizes of free entries into the 2010 World Series of Poker Main Event. Everest Poker is also holding satellites awarding free seats in the 2010 WSOP Side Event #54.

Furthermore, Everest Poker is offering up a $1 million bonus to be awarded to one ore more players (split evenly between them if there are more than one) who qualify for side event #54 or the main event through Everest Poker. They call it the $1 Million Match and you get your share of the $1 million bonus for simply qualifying for one or both of these events. It doesn’t even matter (relative to the bonus) how you perform in the events, so long as you won your seat on EverestPoker.com.

In 2009, more than 50 players qualified for a free WSOP Main Event seats through Everest Poker and cumulatively cashed in for a total of almost $20,000.

2 Months, $2 Millions, 2 Bad, No Season 2

11 March, 2010

Big poker news is usually about what’s going on in the world of poker; rarely is it about what’s not going on. But in this case, it is. What’s not going on in today’s big poker news story is the G4 television series, “2 Months, $2 Million”. After one mediocre season of the poker reality series, the show has not be renewed for a second season.

The series “2 Months, $2 Million” ran from August to October of 2009 and featured Emil Patel, Brian Roberts, Jay “Krantz” Rosenkrantz, and Dani Stern attempting to live together as they collectively earned $2 million by playing poker in a 2-month period of time.

The show should have gone over big—at least in theory. No one can factor in execution but the idea worked. Get a high-stakes condensed peek into a high-stakes lifestyle that appeals to G4’s exact demographic: 18-34 year-old men.

Part of the show’s failure was due to its time slots and competing programs, but part of the problem was in the players failure to deliver on the promise of the show. How short were the 2m2m boys of their goal? How about $1,324,000 short!

They started off nicely, notching up a $200,000 profit in the first 2 weeks of poker action, they suddenly slipped into a down streak that fast became a downward spiral they couldn’t ever climb out of. By the time a turnaround occurred, in week 8, the crew had only earned an addition $351,000, making their season (and now series) finale total a meager $676,000.