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California, Here Online Poker Comes!

29 June, 2008

Even if an online poker room is run by an overseas operator in a country that legally permits such activity, it is currently still illegal for Californians to place bets with such establishments.

But on Tuesday, June 24 California’s Senate Governmental Organization Committee approved the California Gambling Control/Intrastate Online Poker Legalization Act with a vote of 7-1. The act,   authored by California Democratic Assemblyman Lloyd Levine, Van Nuys, includes amendments for moving forward with the process of drafting the necessary regulations and coming up with projections for creating possible revenue.

Citizen bill sponsor, Poker Voters of America, is pleased with the decision, to say the least, which amends the Gambling Control Act to permit operators who are licensed by the state to offer online poker exclusively to Californians and implement protections for California online poker players while maximizing the revenue the state can produce from internet poker.

The bill next will be brought before the Senate Appropriations Committee on its long and winding path to establishing legal, regulated internet poker in California.

Internet Player and Relative Unkown Beats Out the Poker Stars

18 June, 2008

OK, so maybe he’s not a total nobody – aupposedly he’s a hero in the high-stakes online poker community – but have you heard of Phil Galfond? Or how about OMGClayAiken (his screen name)?

Well, you have now. Because he just beat out John Juanda, Daniel Negreanu, Phill Helmuth, and Johnny Chan at what was apparently one of the toughest final tables in World Series of Poker history. It was Event 28, $5,000 Pot Limit Omaha with Rebuys. And by the time it was done, an online poker player pretty much unknown offline walked away with the bracelet and $817,781.

This isn’t even his first win in this year’s events, as prior to this big win Galfond had cashed-in in 5 different 2008 WSOP events, making this his 6th. Found usually at Full Tilt Poker’s $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha tables, Phil “OMG ClayAiken” Galfond is no-doubt about to become the next new poker celebrity on Team FullTilt.
There’s still so much more to go to the 2008 WSOP. So stay-tuned here for many more updates.

Poker Sites Celebrate Father’s Day

14 June, 2008

This weekend is Father’s Day, and at least two online poker rooms are not taking it for granted. Rather they’re honoring Dad with promotions with the prizes that matter to him most (other than you and mom, of course).

Online poker room Absolute Poker will be celebrating all Father’s Day weekend with the Father’s Day Kickoff Tournament, a series of 25 Texas Holdem tournaments running from Friday, June 13 to Sunday, June 15 with the top player in each event getting a seat at the final table and a chance to win 2 seats to the opening game of the 2008 NFL football season.

Online poker room Ultimate Bet, on the other hand, is giving Dad’s a break at the gas pump with The Shuffle Up & Fill Up promotion, seeing $10,000 in prepaid gas cards distributed to the winners. Just participate in any Sit & Go cash game between midnight June 14 and 11:30 pm June 15 EST. You don’t even have to win the game, or even finish in the money to win some gas relief, as names of qualifying players will be drawn periodically at random, gas cards of $25 to $1,000 given to those luckily selected.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. And may the cards be with you.

Let’s Make a Deal…No, Really

5 June, 2008

AbsolutePoker, forerunner of so many great things in online poker is about to flagship another – the ability for players at the final table of a tournament to strike up a deal with one another that allows more players to walk away winners than previously possible.

The new AbsolutePoker table screen will now feature a Deal button that only appears once a tournament has reached the stage of the final table. The deal making process will not commence, however, until all players present have consented to participate.

Once (and if) they do, action in the game pauses where it is while the tournament manager steps in via chat to monitor and facilitate the deal. The players will essentially negotiate the deal among themselves with the tournament manager simply there to offer expert advice (as well, of course, to ensure there are no misdealings, so to speak, in the discussion.