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Player Wins 2 Titan Poker Satellites

25 August, 2008

Michael Schwaiger is one happy guy.

He gets to go to South Africa to compete in the Sun City Million Dollar Poker Tournament, and he doesn’t even have to pay for it. What’s more, he’s also got his own seat in the Titan Poker $2.5 Million Guaranteed Tournament (the online poker room’s biggest ever).

The 21-year-old, Austrian online poker player achieved this great accomplishment by winning two Titan Poker satellite tournaments after having played there for only 8 months.

The $10,000 Sun City Million Dollar Tournament prize package includes buy-in to the tournament and $2,500 for flights there and back, and accommodations at the Palace of the Lost City Hotel for 7 nights.

The Titan Poker $2.5 million guaranteed tournament takes place on September 7 at 7 pm GMT + 1. And it’s still not to late to claim your seat. There are 2 ways to enter:

  • Pay the $1,580 buy-in
  • Qualify in a satellite tournament like Michael Schwaiger did for as low a buy-in as $2.75 + $0.20

Cake Poker Increases Guaranteed Prize Pools

18 August, 2008

In an obvious effort to attract new players, Cake Poker has just increased the guarantees it offers in its Guaranteed Prize Pool tournaments.

The weekly Sunday Guaranteed tournament will now be raised to $25,000.

The Gold Card Tournament is now at $100,000. It has also been rescheduled to a more convenient time slot, that being 5 pm ET.

And the big guaranteed tournament held on the last Sunday of the month now sports a $250,000 prize pool. The first of these will be held on August 31 at5 pm ET.

This is just the latest of Cake Poker’s gambles to rise above the relative anonymity of most poker rooms in an industry inundated with competition, as little-known Cake Poker is nonetheless renowned for:

  • soft players
  • a generous 33% rakeback deal
  • big bonuses

And, quite possibly the best appeal of all, Cake Poker is a US-friendly online poker room.

Invasion of the Poker Bots

11 August, 2008

They may not be snatching bodies, but they could be snatching up your chances to legitimately win some pots. They’re poker bots, and one look at the online poker news of the day will show that they’re the scourge of the game.

Programs that aid players in improving and fine-tuning their poker playing skills is one thing. But these new programs are being designed and used to actually play the game for you and beat out your human opponents with surprising consistency.

But while this certainly sounds appealing for people’s wallets, its ethics are questionable (at best) and its increasing prominence at the online poker table is widespread enough that it’s starting to turn many players off to the game. If this trend continues, it bodes poorly for the entire industry as it will surely herald the shutting down of many poker rooms stricken by the sudden and rapid decline in their player base.

If using poker bots sounds appealing to you, watch out – because they’re officially banned at pretty much all online poker rooms. The big problem these sites face, however, is in enforcing that rule, due to the near-impossibility of distinguishing a human player from a poker bot in the eminently anonymous world of online poker.

What’s to come? How are online poker rooms to battle this spreading enemy? And what do you think of the growing threat?

FTOPS IX Kicks Off Tonight

6 August, 2008

Today, Wednesday August 6, FullTilt Poker launches its 2008 Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS), one of the esteemed poker room’s most eagerly-anticipated annual events and a favorite with all its loyal online poker players.

This is the 9th installment of the FTOPS, and promises to dole out $15 million in cash winnings, spread out over a total of 25 nail-biting events.

Tonight’s kickoff tournament – a $200 + $16 No Limit Texas Holdem freezeout tournament – promises a cool 1 million to the winner. It begins at 9:30 pm ET and has Team FullTilt Poker pro Allen Cunningham hosting. And that’s just to get things started.

The 2008 FTOPS runs through August 17, all leading up to the $2.5 Million Guaranteed Main Event.

There are two ways to enter the FTOPS IX:

  • pay the buy-in
  • win a free seat in any of Full Tilt’s many FTOPS satellite tournaments scheduled up until the main event

Find out who was the FTOPS IX Main Event Winner.