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Poker Stars Wins In Sunday’s Attempt At Breaking Own World Record

1 January, 2010

Last Sunday, which happened to be the last one of ’09, PokerStars attempted to surpass its own Guinness World Record for the most players entering an online poker tournament at once. This particular tournament was a $300,000 guaranteed tournament with a ridiculously low buy-in of only a buck.

By the time registration closed, 149,196 players has signed up. This is over twice the number of players in the record they were trying to break, set in July ’09. And that is more than plenty to cement PokerStars’ position in the Guinness Book under this category for a while to come. (Until, presumably, they try to beat it again.)

This is the 3rd time PokerStars has set this record in the course of a single year, the first entry taking place December 2008, the second (as mentioned) July 2009, and of course the one set last Sunday. Winner of the record setting tournament was Oskar69.