UB Bad Beat Jackpot

24 October, 2010

At UB they say there isn’t any such thing as a real bad beat, because if you ever come across one, it can turn into a bigger win than had you actually won the hand, with the UB Bad Beat Jackpot.

The UB Bad Beat Jackpot (at the time of this writing standing at over $100,000 and growing) is a reward given out to any player who holds Four of a Kind 8s or better and still loses the hand at the Showdown.

The UB Bad Beat Jackpot is built from the money paid into the house rake. If a hand is raked at least 25 cents, then 50 cents is taken from the pot to apply toward the jackpot. This means the jackpot is always growing, until it is claimed, making it what’s known as a progressive jackpot. Whenever a player hits the UB Bad Beat Jackpot, it resets back down to its minimum amount and starts growing again.

When the UB Bad Beat Jackpot is hit, 10% of it goes back to the house, 25% of it is rolled over onto the next Bad Beat Jackpot, and of that remaining amount, half goes to the player who actually suffered the bad beat, 25% goes to the player who won the hand, and every other player at that table, whether they played in that particular hand or not, gets a $1,000 flat bonus. Any money in the jackpot remaining after that is then divided up amongst all the players at tables of the same game type and table stakes at that time.

To qualify for the UB Bad Beat Jackpot, you have to be playing at one of the site’s tables labeled a Jackpot table or Turbo Jackpot table. Both hole cards must be used in the qualifying hand. Also, make sure to use a UB code to maximize your deposit and keep an eye out for exclusive WSOP qualifiers while playing at these Bad Beat Jackpot tables.

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