Why Western Union Is One Of The Best Poker Deposit Methods

9 December, 2010

Among the best poker deposit methods available at many sites is Western Union. Some may balk at first at the higher fees that come with Western Union money transfer service. However, the benefits you get from Western Union poker sites may be worth that little extra cost for many people.

First, with Western Union poker sites, you get name brand recognition. There may be a ton of different online payment processors and e-wallets out there, but who’s heard of any of them? How long have they been around? Now, on the contrary, who hasn’t heard of Western Union.

Western Union poker sites integration is one of the best poker deposit methods also because it give you convenience. Who wants to wait around for banks to handle money transfers when you can go down to your nearest local Western Union (and everyone, in the US at least, has one near them) and take care of it instantly. Even the money is transferred right away.

So there’s the tradeoff. For a slighty higher fee, with Western Union poker sites you get convenience and brand name confidence that you don’t get from most of the other so-called best poker deposit methods.

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